The COMIC CAMERA - Videos, GIFs & LivePhoto

Whoopee is a new age comic creation camera app that turns your speech into animated speech bubbles.

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Capture video and turn your voice into speech bubble text

Choose or Capture video using the front and rear camera one after another without breaking the loop for comic creation.

  • What you say in video will convert into a comic speech bubble text.
  • You can add custom bubble text.
  • Convert your text into Emojis.
Primary Screenshot Secondary Screenshot
Primary Screenshot Secondary Screenshot

Share your creation with unlimited add-ons

You can add a variety of filters, stickers, emojis and much more in your creation. You can change the style and design of your speech bubble.

Share your creation as

  • GIF

Take a video tour of our app

Cool Creation @whoppeeworld

Meet our amazing team

The comic brains behind the comic camera app story.

Hardik Halani

Mobile App Developer

Darshit Shah

Mobile App Developer